In memory of my uncle Pascual Olivera, soloist of the „Compania Flamenca José Greco”, who kindled in me the fire of the proudest of all dance forms.
Pascual Olivera
* July 15, 1944
† Sept. 19, 2003

I am lecturing at dance schools all over Germany since more than 20 years now. Here is a brief overview of my professional development ...
till 1986: Member of a Latin American folk and Flamenco dance group based in Hamburg
till 1990: Flamenco studies at the Madrid academy Amor de Diós
also under Ciro, Manolete, El Güito, Carmen Cortez, Merche Esmeralda and La Farruca
till 2002: Teacher at the Hamburg Dance School ON STAGE
Opening of my own flamenco studio in Hamburg
And here are certain stages of my dancing life that have a special personal place in my memory ...
TV Chat Show 'Inas Nacht'
Flamenco interlude (guest: comedienne Mirja Boes, presenter: Ina Müller)
Café Schöne Aussichten (Hamburg)
Promotional appearance
Hanover State Opera
Flamenco Show
Company jubilee of Niederegger GmbH & Co. KG
Flamenco Show on the occasion of the 200th firm anniversary. Niederegger is the leading producer of Lübeck marzipan.
Flamenco Festival Hamburg
Flamenco Show
German Tour with the NDR Big Band
"Flamenco meets Jazz" / concept and realization: Steve Gray
Flamenco Festival Berlin
Flamenco Show
European tour with flamenco legend Manolete
Hanover Philharmonic
Concert with the NDR Big Band
International Motor Show Amsterdam
Shows for Mercedes-Benz
Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Automobile Paris)
Shows for Mercedes-Benz
Flamenco Show Monsum Theater
Member of the Latin American folk dance group GRILLO
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